We are the Lorax Coalition.

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We started as a small intergenerational group of local Mason County, Washington residents living on the traditional territories of the Skokomish and Squaxin Island Nations.

None of us are paid to do this work—we come together because our hearts and spirits call us to speak for the forests, for the water, for future generations, and for a world in which all life can thrive in balance with one another.

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We envision a future in which:

We need our forests.


Trees are the original teachers of the original people of this land, who are still here today passing on that knowledge.

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Healthy forests have healthy soil carbon sponges, which means that they can absorb more water in the soil. This extra water reduces wildfires, floods, droughts, and landslides, putting us in a better position to withstand the coming climate crisis. Furthermore, healthy forests stabilize local temperatures, cool landscapes, and sequester carbon, mitigating climate change. Older forests, larger trees, and their interconnected living root systems sequester more carbon than younger trees and newer forests.

Everything we need for life depends on our forests: Wildlife depend on biodiverse forests for their homes. Salmon runs depend on intact forested riparian zones. Our water depends on the health of our forests, which provide the biotic pump needed to jumpstart the water cycle. Even human health and happiness depend on biodiverse, intact forests.

Current forestry and land management practices are a threat to all life.


We risk desertification, climate chaos, and salmon extinction unless we come together as a community to make a change.

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For too many generations, our shared forests have been cyclically clearcut, covered with biocides, replanted in monoculture plantations, and never allowed to regrow back into the healthy, aged, biodiverse abundance that traditionally supported all life.

In this current time period, this cycle of destruction in the name of profits is speeding up even as salmon runs are failing, wildfire seasons are lengthening, and extreme weather events are increasing due to the extractive economy-driven climate crisis.

Join together.


Another way is possible. We invite everyone—youth and elders; renters, homeowners, and houseless people; people who have been here since time immemorial and newly arrived neighbors; people of all religions, heritages, and political backgrounds—to unite with us in protecting our shared forests and waters.

Sign this petition to end clearcutting and build a climate-resilient Mason County:

See our full petition and track our progress here.

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The Lorax Coalition

Our Values

  1. All life is sacred and interdependent.
  2. We need our elders (trees and people).
  3. We need intact families (ecosystems and people).
  4. We value the ending of all oppressions.
  5. Everyone has a place in the circle.

Our Goals

  1. End clearcutting.
  2. Allow second growth forests to mature into old growth forests.
  3. Manage public lands for healthy ecosystems and carbon sequestration (not for timber sales and profit).

Our Principles

Any individual or group who shares our values and goals may initiate an action on behalf of the Lorax Coalition as long as that action aligns with these principles:

  1. Our actions focus on regeneration (not destruction).
  2. We move at the pace of relationships.
  3. We prioritize safety. (No drugs, alcohol, or weapons at actions. We meet or exceed all COVID mandates.)
  4. We are all in this together. (There is no “us vs. them.”)


Current Examples of Successful Ecoforestry

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